How Not to Get Tricked and Conned at Adult Gentlemen’s Club?

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How Not to Get Tricked and Conned at Adult Gentlemen’s Club?

Strip clubs are hard to resist. After a few drinks and a little sensuous performance, the guys around the stage open their wallets. Even lap dances and the drinks service can leave you empty if you are not cautious. If you are drunk, horny and dumb in making decisions, then the possibility that you will feel guilty in the morning increases. A vigilant and smart guy can keep damages at bay or minimum. Avoid carrying credit or debit cards. Stock $1 bills in your pocket, when you visit the adult gentlemen’s club.

It is wise to visit reliable places like Cheetah gentlemen’s club to avoid getting scammed.

Strip club owners and promoters forgo cover charges but increase the charges of beverages and drinks. For example, Mandatory Coca-colas for $11 is offered at several strip clubs. Waiving cover charges does not mean the strip club owners will allow customers to enter the door. Nothing is for FREE!

Use ATMs at the strip club

When your cash gets gone means, it is time to return home. If you use the ATMs at the club means you will be spending more than your budget. You will also need to pay the increased surcharge of around $15, at the strip club’s ATM. It is wise to throw bills on the stage rather than a machine.

Credit card challenges

When cash runs out, you may use a credit card. You can dispute the charges made at the hardware store or a boutique. It is an easy fix! Nevertheless, several strip club charges are subjective. Trying to analyze how many dances were bought and its duration will not be hard. If the problem is taken to court, then judges will never sympathize with a strip club customer. It is wise that you avoid carrying the plastic card at the club.

Bottle service trap

Guys need to watch the club waiters or waitresses open the bottle. Distractions are common at strip club bars, so it is easy to slip subpar alcohol, while your eyes are on the pole dance performance. Bottle service is for fools and those who consume a lot of conspicuously.

The drinks at strip clubs can be watered. If you order a single bottle of beer, then you are aware of what you will exactly get. It is better instead of drinking costly watered drinks without getting a buzz.

Don’t pay per dance

Several strip clubs are changing their per song lap dance service to a timer. It is because customers expected a whole song but ended with a 2-minute track. Choose timer and even see how close it is closing time is because when light is turned on, dance is over.

You don’t pay upfront

You are not in the habit to pay upfront for lap dances. It is good but you will see that the dancer will not rejoice the performance. She will try hard to convince you to accept the extra charges because the moment the dance starts you cannot negotiate. After the dancer completes her lap dance, she will say something horrible. The only negotiation is to empty your wallet or be prepared to get kicked out.

You are not aware of the cash in your wallet

Drunken pay twice for dances. Men are also not offered change. Know how much you have in cash. Separate the bills. If you are not sober than have your friend double-check the payment before dropping dollars on a dance.

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